Community Development

As an immigrant in Canada, we assist you with the following services which ease your long-term integration into Canadian communities.

Job Ready Program

This program aims to assist immigrants in finding jobs which enable them to contribute productively to the Canadian economy. As part of this program, we train immigrants on resume writing and effective job searching, as well as orient them about school programs which match their interests, qualifications, or career goals.

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Basic Computer Training

We offer basic computer training to immigrants unfamiliar with the use of computers to enable them to obtain information, employment, and stay connected with family and friends.

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Academic Mentorship

We provide one-on-one support to students in elementary or high school or college, requiring assistance in specific subjects or with doing their homework. Students are matched with appropriate mentors based on the mentors’ interests and expertise.

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Language Courses

We offer French language and English language courses to immigrants to help in their integration into Canadian society.

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Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

We provide physical activities tailored to immigrants of all genders, 18 years and above. Some of these activities include soccer, zumba, etc. At the end of each physical activity session, participants are provided with a tip on healthy eating.

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To benefit from any of our services