Immigrant Support

As a newcomer/immigrant in Canada, we provide you with the following essential support services and information needed to assist you settle and integrate successfully.

Early Steps of Settlement

We offer information sessions and guided community tours to newly landed immigrants. During these information sessions participants are oriented about obtaining important government documents (e.g., social insurance number, health insurance card, etc) and about available community services. At the end of these sessions, CISI gives participants a guided tour of the community.


Administrative Procedures

We assist newly landed immigrants with administrative settlement procedures such as applications for Canada Child Benefits, Family Allowance Payments (Quebec only), GST/HST and solidarity tax credits, etc.

We also provide solemn affirmation services through our Commissioners of Oath who are recognized by the Ministry of Justice in Quebec.


Intercultural Exchange

We believe in learning from each other and making our different cultures a source of harmony and strength. We promote intercultural activities such as excursions, field trips, networking events, potluck suppers, etc.

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We assist immigrants in finding suitable accommodation in line with their needs.


Income Tax Return

During the period from February to April of every year, we help immigrants who do not know or cannot afford to hire a professional to file income taxes.

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