Volunteer @ CISI

Want to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

Settlement Support Assistant

As a Settlement Support Assistant, you will welcome and help newly landed immigrants with the administrative formalities of obtaining important government documents and provide them with a guided tour of the community.

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Food Bank Service Assistant

As a Food Bank Service Assistant, you will help with picking up food donations, sorting, packaging into bags, and stocking up the pantry.

Time commitment: 1 hour/week

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Academic Mentor

As an Academic Mentor, you will provide one-on-one support to students requiring assistance with specific subjects, or with doing their homework. You will be matched with students based on your interests and expertise.

Time commitment: 1 hour/week for the academic year

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Income Tax Assistant

As an Income Tax Assistant, you will help people who do not know or cannot afford to hire a professional to file income taxes. No prior experience is needed. We will teach you how to complete and file forms electronically so you can help others.

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Other Opportunities

If the volunteering opportunity you are looking for is not mentioned, remember that there are many other things you can do to give back to your community. Please let us know whatever you are passionate about and would like to volunteer in, so we can gladly have you on our team.

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Volunteer Stories

“Volunteering is very important to me. When I arrived in Canada a few years ago as an immigrant, I was lonely and confused about my path to building a successful future in Canada. I benefited from CISI’s Early steps of settlement and Job ready programs through which I better understood Canadian society, secured a good job, and also became a part of a very supportive immigrant community. I owe it all to CISI and for these reasons I happily assist fellow immigrants, remembering that I was once in their exact shoes”.

Geraldine, Settlement Support Assistant

“Being able to give back to my community is a huge blessing to me. I am humbled by the mere fact that I volunteer at CISI where I spend time with elementary school kids every week mentoring and assisting them with school work. This is such a positive experience for me for which I am grateful to CISI to have given me this opportunity”.

Paul, Academic Mentor


“Every week I get to serve my community through CISI’s food bank. It is just amazing watching the smiles on people’s faces as they pick up their food supplies from CISI. It is such a joy and relief for these individuals who know that they can depend on CISI to feed themselves and their families especially when inflation is on the rise”.

Rhonda, Food Bank Service Assistant